Plan of the Month

POM for March 23 – 24

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Reporting Time: 0730 Releasing Time: 1300

Saturday Cadets Need to ARRIVE in Dress Blues for the Annual Inpection.

Uniform of the Day

Cadets: Dress Blues for the Annual Inspection.  

Officers: Khaki/Alternates
WhereVFW Park 6202 George Bush Dr Katy, TX 77493


Morning Formation0730 – 0745
Preparation for inspection0745 – 0845
Annual Inspection0900 – 1200
Chow1200 – 1300
Houston Division Release1300
Cleaning and closing1300 – 1315
Katy Division Released1315

Sunday, March 24 2019

Reporting Time: 0800 Releasing Time: 1600

Uniform of the Day

Cadets: NWU/PT Gear For those who do not have a complete NWU, proper civilian attire is authorized. You will not be in PT gear all day.

Officers: NWU/Khaki/Alternates
WhereVFW Park 6202 George Bush Dr Katy, TX 77493


Morning Formation0800 – 0815
PT / PRT0815 – 1000
Change to NWU1000 – 1030
Cadet Lead Training1030 – 1200
Chow1200 – 1300
Cadet Letter Presentation1300 – 1400
Financial Presentation1400-1430
Camping Rules / Events1430-1330
Cleanning and closing1330-1400


Don’t Forget the following items:

  • Fresh haircut
  • PRT uniform
  • Dress Blues/NWU uniform – Clean and shined boots
  • Dress Blues uniform- For Rodeo Parade
  • Course work- everyone should at least one assignment completed
  • Chow money (both days $15, one day $8)
  • Cadets who are due to make a presentation – be ready

Always check the website for updates.

Any questions always follow your chain of command.



Cadets will maintain the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps proper grooming standards.  Haircuts and shaving (if appropriate) for Male Cadets.  Female Cadets will have their hair either cut to the appropriate length or their hair will be put in a bun according to the USNSCC Regulations. 

Cadets remember to turn in your coursework.

Upcoming Events:

  • March Drill 23-24 (MANDATORY Attendance – Annual Inspection)
  • April Drill 13-14 (Camp out at Huntsville State Park)
  • May Drill 11 and 23

Executive Officer
Katy Division
Katy Company (NLCC)


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