Plan of the Month

POM – Saturday, May 25

MANDATORY for all cadets attending summer training. This will be the final preparation for summer training. You need to make sure you have everything you need on your training’s seabag list. Uniforms, etc. Also, you will be taking your service jacket home with you to turn in at your training site.

Reporting Time: 0745

Cadets are to ARRIVE in PT Gear,

Uniform of the Day: NWU

Don’t Forget the following items:

  • Fresh haircut
  • Course work- everyone should be turning in at least one assignment every drill
  • Bring $8 for Lunch

Always check the website for updates.

Any questions always follow your chain of command.



Cadets will maintain the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps proper grooming standards.  Haircuts and shaving for Male Sea Cadets.  Female Cadets will have their hair either cut to the appropriate length or their hair will be put in a bun according to the USNSCC Regulations. 


Check HOMEPORT for summer training

Upcoming Events:

  • May Drill 5/25 – Final Preparation for Summer Training
  • June Drill – NO DRILL
  • July – NO DRILL
  • August Drill – 17/18
  • September Drill – 14/15
  • October Drill – 12/13
  • November Drill – 16/17
  • December Drill – 14/15

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Katy Division
Katy Company (NLCC)

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